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The Value of Education + Where To Get Some (Free!)

Recently, I came across an interesting article on that talks about the current (and potentially changing) value of education in the workplace.  The conclusions reached in this article not only resonate strongly with my own observations about how employers view formal education these days, but also hold profound implications for many people in the […]

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Job Seekers: Time to Rediscover the Library?

I’ll confess, I’ve always had a soft spot for libraries. Whether it’s the quiet ambiance, the invaluable amounts of history they preserve, or the addictive chemicals I suspect might be present in book-binding glue, I’ve always enjoyed spending large chunks of quality time “among the stacks” throughout my life. Honestly, though, I haven’t physically visited […]

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Interviewing Tip: Show Them You’re a Businessperson!

You know how people sometimes say “if were a snake, it would have bit you?” when you overlook something obvious that’s right in front of your nose? Recently, I’ve been pointing out something along these lines that comes up fairly frequently with regard to the interviewing process. While most job hunters diligently prepare to answer […]

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Website/Tool Review: Weave Networking App

For those who have never quite noticed, there are a surprising number of similarities between the modern job hunting process and the modern dating scene.  For example, off the top of my head, I’d observe that in both situations: •  First impressions, attitude, and confidence count for a lot •  Most people experience significant ups, […]

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Friends Hiring Friends. For Pay.

Back during the turn of the millennium craze, it seemed that every company around had an employee referral program and was offering big bucks to their staff members to refer potential candidates along for hire.  In fact,  I remember routinely meeting individuals who embraced this alternative revenue stream and were pocketing an extra $5-15K each […]

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Networking Strategy, Continued…

In response to the article I posted the other day entitled 5 Tips for Acing a Networking Event, I received several nice notes from individuals who found my suggestions helpful — and said they’d take them to heart as they continue their own networking activities, both personally and professionally. One individual, however, went the extra […]

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5 Tips for Acing a Networking Event

Given that I’ve got a sizable networking event coming up, outlined here, I was giving some thought to a set of tips I could share with the people coming to help them get the most possible mileage out of this meeting — especially since I know a lot of my clients, like me, aren’t entirely […]

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The SEO of You: Know Your Keywords!

At one of my networking events not too long ago, a recruiter advised the audience of job seekers in attendance that the most important element of resume preparation was to ensure all the right keywords were contained somewhere in the document so that the resume would come up in a relevant database or applicant tracking […]

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LinkedIn Tip: New Premium Account Features

While LinkedIn is notorious for tinkering with their website on an ongoing basis, and I routinely experience “wow, that’s different than it used to be!” moments in working with the tool, the latest round of changes they’ve made bears calling out — since some of the latest tweaks they’ve made are fairly significant. For those […]

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Volunteering: A Smart Career Move?

Of all the different things that professionals today are looking for in their careers, the chance to do “meaningful work” is right up there near the top of the list.  Time after time, I’ve had individuals from the for-profit sector express the desire to take their careers in a new direction that would allow them […]

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