Archive | August, 2012

Thoughts on the “Grecian Formula” Resume Approach

If you’re out looking for a new employment opportunity in this marketplace, and you’re normal, you’re going to find yourself over-analyzing, over-reacting, and over-stressing (is that a word?) to almost every little aspect of your resume and job search approach. “Is it something on my resume that’s preventing me from getting more interviews?  Does that […]

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Skype/Video Interviewing Tips

Not surprisingly, I’ve had more and more people ask me in recent years “Matt, I understand some of the pointers you share about succeeding in a normal interview — but do you have any special tips to offer in regard to acing a video interview or Skype interview?” To date, my answer has been pretty […]

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Career Poll: Fascinating LinkedIn Surveys Galore!

If I had another life to live, I might go about trying to land a job at the Gallup organization, since I’ve always been highly enthralled by market surveys, lists, and polls.  In fact, any “crowdsourced” information of this kind always intrigues me, whether it involves cross-referencing lists of the top sci-movies ever made or […]

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