Archive | October, 2012

How Handle Employment Gaps on your Resume?

There’s no question about it.  Most employers today have a “perfect picture” in mind of the ideal candidate they’d like to hire for most positions.  This individual not only brings to the table perfect educational credentials and spot-on relevant experience, but also boasts a career path characterized by an unbroken string of progressively-upward employment roles […]

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Book Review: Secrets of Self-Starters (Dr. Julie Miller)

Do you consider yourself proactive?  A self-starter?  Good at taking initiative? Most importantly, can you prove it? In today’s marketplace, where many companies (by choice or economic necessity) seem hell-bent on getting more things done with fewer resources, they tend to prize people with “can-do” personalities and will often ask candidates to demonstrate these traits, […]

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Good Energy — Get Some!

So I finally broke down, succumbed to the marketing blitz, and tried a bottle of “5 Hour Energy” the other day when I was feeling a wee bit sluggish.  You know what I’m talking about.  Those tiny bottles of mysterious pink liquid that claim to supercharge your energy level without using caffeine, sugar, or any […]

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