Archive | June, 2013

The Extra Mile: Building Your Interview Cred

While I’m not sure if everybody has been impacted by this trend, over the last few weeks I’ve seen a strong uptick in the number of people landing interviews — with at least a half-dozen clients reporting that this interviewing activity has translated into a new job opportunity! What’s more, among the several notes I […]

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Humblebrags & Humilfidence

It is just me or did the notion of “straight talk” go away in the nineties or something? These days, especially given the rise of social media, we’ve seen a real challenge arise in terms of how you go about communicating your strengths, exploits, and accomplishments to the folks in your network — while at […]

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LinkedIn Tip: New Interface, New Features

As many of you may have noticed, the programmers over at LinkedIn have continued to be busy little bees — and have started rolling out a major interface change over the preceding weeks.  This update is a fairly substantial one, involving the addition of multiple new features, as well as a significant overhaul to the […]

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