Matt Youngquist Bio

Matt Youngquist is a recognized expert in the field of career coaching, job hunting, and professional employment counseling.  After witnessing the intense transformation of the job market over the past decade, and the increasing career turbulence that many professionals were starting to experience, he founded Career Horizons in 2004 to assist clients in navigating successfully through these unfamiliar and largely uncharted waters.

In his current role, he consults with clients at all levels on how to strategically assess their careers, explore their occupational options, and master the complex dynamics reshaping today’s world of work.  To date, he has personally delivered over 75 group career transition workshops and provided one-on-one coaching to over 7,500 individual job seekers at all levels, ranging from entry-level employees to Fortune 100 executives.

For further information about Matt’s background, and his unique approach to assisting professionals in transition, visit the Career Horizons website at!

5 Responses to “Matt Youngquist Bio”

  1. Marc: Very kind of you to write in with these positive remarks — thank you so much — and in terms of the weather conditions Seattle has had over this past week, I’ve led a charmed life. We had three trees come down in our yard. All three of them missed our house by a mere several feet! Makes me think I should go out and buy a lottery ticket… 🙂

  2. Hey Matt – Just want to send a quick THANK YOU after recieving your weekly blog for several months, a boost in my sometimes mundane cube with each post. Please know your message is widely appreciated and provides incentive to stay honed even if employed.

    Especially can relate this week with the grip of winter that pounded the Northwest. Keep doing your thing, believe you’ve found the groove. Stay warm and positive!

    Duluth, MN

  3. Aabacus: Wow, can’t thank you enough for the very kind words about my blog — and what meant even more to me then the positive tone of your remarks, in general, was your confirmation that I’m accomplishing the exact mission I’ve been shooting for in my postings, which is to share useful, thought-provoking information without a sales pitch attached! And while I can assure you and my other readers I have no plans to charge a “subscription fee” anytime soon, I definitely would like to generate more dialogue via my postings, as you mentioned, so will be talking with an Internet marketing consultant shortly about some ways to do this. Again, much thanks for sharing your thoughts…

  4. Matt,

    While I was unemployed in the NW a friend of a colleague turned me on to your blog and the services you provide.

    I’ve procured employment since I started reading your blog and have moved to Atlanta but I still look forward to every post and have recommended you on my blog a couple of times as well as have mentioned you to many friends.

    Things I like:

    1. No ads. Just content. Priceless and perfect.
    2. No sales pitch.
    3. No holding back and not sharing details so that you can sell them.
    4. Tone and topic are ideal for the weary job seeker. Not too serious and not to light. Thoughtful without being pretentious. Smart without being smarmy.
    5. Exactly on point every single time.

    Things I don’t like:

    1. That your readers aren’t as socially engaged here as I think they could be. I think you’re missing an opportunity to create a social “go to” point. Sure, it’d be a little more work but I like to think I’d have dropped by every day. Heck, if it was relevant and active enough I might even have paid a small subscription fee.

    2. Nope, that’s about it.

    Please keep up the great and honest work!

    Thank you.

  5. Wow! I don’t know how I missed this since last November! Congrats on starting the new blog Matt. As usual the information you provide is timely, topical and always relevant to helping people with their careers. An excellent read! Cheers!

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