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Getting Hired at Boeing

In selecting the third company to profile in my “getting hired at…” series, the choice seemed obvious.  While the headquarters office might have left our fair city a number of years back, Boeing is still a massive player in the local employment scene — and while it may not quite have the sex appeal of […]

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Getting Hired at Amazon

Okay, for the next installment in my “getting hired at…” series let’s turn our sights to another local giant,, and discuss some of the factors involved in landing employment at that company and what the realities might be in terms of working there. From what I’ve witnessed, Amazon wrested away the “smart, innovative company […]

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Getting Hired at Microsoft

One of the things I constantly stress to my job hunting clientele is the importance of looking beyond just the “household name” organizations in town and doing the research needed to uncover some great small-to-mid-size employers worth pursuing.  There are nearly 140,000 companies in the Greater Seattle area alone, after all, many of which are […]

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Job Board Shootout: 2015

Help wanted ads.  You know, it really wasn’t all that long ago when this part of the job searching process was fairly simple, typically requiring only a newspaper, a yellow highlighter, and about 20 minutes on a Sunday morning.  Makes one feel downright wistful for the past, when you stop and think about it… These […]

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LinkedIn Tip: New Functionality, But New Limits

Given the breakneck pace at which LinkedIn tends to change things, I don’t always get around to writing a blog post about every minor adjustment they make to their interface, processes, or capabilities.  Recently, though, they’ve made a few fairly significant tweaks to the site that I definitely think warrant mentioning. As always, some of […]

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Hiring a Headhunter / Outsourcing Your Job Search

No question about it.  Looking for a new job can be a hard, stressful, and frustrating experience — especially for those folks facing particular challenges (e.g. gaps in their work history, lack of a college degree, etc.) or whose confidence may be suffering due to a recent layoff or termination.  As a result, I get […]

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The 12 Posts of Christmas (#12: Indeed Best Places to Work)

Item #12: Indeed Best Places to Work Lists ( While most job hunters today are already well-acquainted with, arguably the top website available for tracking down published job opportunities, it’s easy to miss some of the other great features that Indeed offers, as well — such as their outstanding “trends” tool here, their “forums” […]

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The 12 Posts of Christmas (#11: Geekwire Startup List)

Item #11: Geekwire Startup List ( While I’m constantly correcting folks who complain that Seattle is strictly a “technology town” and doesn’t play host to many employers in other industries, let’s face it, we certainly DO have our share of tech firms here in the area.  In fact, I think we can consider ourselves fortunate […]

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The 12 Posts of Christmas (#10: Reach Networking App)

Item #10: Reach Networking App ( While I’m not sure of too many things in life, I am sure of one thing.  For those of you who take 83 seconds to watch the introductory video you’ll find here describing the new Reach mobile networking application, you’re either going to 1) think it’s the coolest thing […]

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The 12 Posts of Christmas (#9: LinkedIn’s Field of Study Explorer)

Item #9: LinkedIn “Field of Study Explorer” Page ( Wondering what non-traditional careers one might be able to pursue with a finance major?  Or where that philosophy or sociology degree might be able to take you?  Or what careers your child might want to start pursuing, if he or she is about to graduate from […]

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