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The CH Blog is Moving: Here’s How to Re-Subscribe!

Greetings all — after many years of publishing career-related articles to this blog, I’ve realized the time has come to “get with the times” and upgrade to a more robust platform.  So in conjunction with the launch of the new Career Horizons website here, I’ve shifted the blog to a new format (which […]

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5 Promising-Slash-Intriguing New Career Tools

While there’s definitely a core group of career-related websites I’ve been recommending to job hunters for years, many of which I’ve featured in my ongoing blog articles here, I’ve recently noticed a strong uptick in the number of NEW technologies and offerings that seem to be popping up within the career and employment space. Many […]

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Should One Quit a Job to Get a Job?

Busy, busy, busy.  Is anyone not busy these days?  Has anybody mastered the life simplification and/or zenlike practices needed to get by in the modern world and still enjoy an abundance of free time? I bring this up because there’s a wrinkle in job hunting that doesn’t apply to everyone out there, but is a […]

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Two Great Workshops: StrengthsFinder & Retirepreneurship

Right off the bat, let me clarify that these workshops 1) aren’t ones I’m leading myself or 2) stand to benefit from in any fashion monetarily.  And yet, having known both of the individuals leading these classes for many years, and having been greatly impressed by the quality of facilitation they bring to the table, […]

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Building Bridges to Fight Unemployment

While the job market is holding up pretty well these days, on a macro level, make no mistake about it — there are still plenty of folks struggling to find gainful employment. In particular, there are certain types of candidates that generally have to fight through an extra layer of difficulty when it comes to […]

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Do the Unemployed Discriminate Against the Unemployed?

Along with some of the wonderful forms of discrimination (note: sarcasm font) that have existed for centuries, the modern job marketplace has seen the rise of two fairly new forms of bias: 1) commute discrimination (disqualifying certain candidates based on where they live and their anticipated “commute length” to work; ) and 2) unemployment discrimination […]

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Book Review: The Defining Decade (Dr. Meg Jay)

While historically, the majority of my coaching work has been delivered to mid-career professionals with 10-20 years or more of experience under their belt, I’m getting an increasing number of inquiries from young professionals and recent graduates who are just kicking off their occupational adventure.  Or perhaps more accurately, I’m getting contacted by the parents […]

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Getting Hired at Boeing

In selecting the third company to profile in my “getting hired at…” series, the choice seemed obvious.  While the headquarters office might have left our fair city a number of years back, Boeing is still a massive player in the local employment scene — and while it may not quite have the sex appeal of […]

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Getting Hired at Amazon

Okay, for the next installment in my “getting hired at…” series let’s turn our sights to another local giant,, and discuss some of the factors involved in landing employment at that company and what the realities might be in terms of working there. From what I’ve witnessed, Amazon wrested away the “smart, innovative company […]

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Getting Hired at Microsoft

One of the things I constantly stress to my job hunting clientele is the importance of looking beyond just the “household name” organizations in town and doing the research needed to uncover some great small-to-mid-size employers worth pursuing.  There are nearly 140,000 companies in the Greater Seattle area alone, after all, many of which are […]

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