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Running a “Questionable” Job Search: Part 2

Having posted an article the other day touting the benefits of “asking lots of questions” in a job search, I wanted to follow up with a few additional thoughts about the power of this approach — along with a few concrete examples to help illustrate this technique in action. Again, just to reiterate, a job […]

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Running a “Questionable” Job Search: Part 1

I’ll admit it.  I’m not very mechanically-oriented and my few attempts to study computer programming were a dismal failure.  But if I had the means to invent a job-seeking robot, I’d probably program it to spend 24 hours a day chasing leads, contacting organizations, and boldly asking “do you know of any jobs I could […]

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LinkedIn Tip: The Hiscox Reactor

Ever notice how many cool things there are on the Internet that have little or no practical value? LinkedIn now has a new application associated with it — The Hiscox Reactor — that fits squarely into this category.  For those who haven’t yet discovered it, you click on the link you’ll find here and then, […]

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