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5 Career Lessons We Can Learn from the Seahawks

If you live in Seattle, and are somewhat introverted, I’ve got good news for you.  For the next week or two, whenever you’re out and about at various social events, you’ve got a built-in way to make small talk.  All you need to do is say “How ’bout them Seahawks?” and chances are you’ll get […]

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LinkedIn Tip: New “Volunteer” Functionality

As many informed job market observers have discussed, over the years, volunteering one’s time can provide a great many benefits in a job search context.  It can lead to quality new relationships and networking opportunities.  It can build your confidence and help you learn new skills.  It can take your mind off your own employment […]

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The Career/Happiness Correlation

Okay, let’s kick off the blog here in 2014 with a bang.  Recently, I came across a Dilbert comic strip that got a laugh out of me, I almost hate to say, based on a wry observation it makes about the correlation between career success and happiness.  And while I’d love to paste the cartoon […]

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