The 12 Posts of Christmas (#12: Indeed Best Places to Work)

Item #12: Indeed Best Places to Work Lists (

While most job hunters today are already well-acquainted with, arguably the top website available for tracking down published job opportunities, it’s easy to miss some of the other great features that Indeed offers, as well — such as their outstanding “trends” tool here, their “forums” community here, or the helpful “salaries” research page they maintain here.

Of all these resources, however, there’s one added-value offering Indeed has created that I believe stands out from the rest and that many readers of this blog will particularly captivating.  It’s the “Best Places to Work” page allowing job hunters to view a list of companies in any target city or state, ranked according to the quality of reviews they’ve received from Indeed members.

To save many of you the extra step, you’ll find the list of top-ranked employers for Washington State here, outlining 267 local organizations that have been praised by current/former employees for their positive culture and work practices.  Well, actually the true number may be slightly less than that given some apparent confusion in the site’s search algorithm and the fact that a few false positives (like the U.S. State Department) seemed to have snuck in from the other Washington (D.C.).  But all in all, it’s a heck of a list, and there’s something very convenient and addictive about reviewing these organizations and then clicking on the “open jobs” links on the right side of the page to see what roles each firm immediately has available.

While granted, somebody who is already running a comprehensive, well-constructed keyword search on will likely have come across some of these listings before, I have a hunch most people will still find a few useful ones they’ve overlooked if they poke around on the list a bit.  And the fact that all of the opportunities in question are cross-referenced to purportedly “good” companies is an added bonus.

So there you have it — the final installment of the “12 Posts of Christmas” series, outlining a series of tools, apps, and emerging resources that I felt some of you might find useful in your job hunting efforts as we head into 2015.  All the best for the remainder of the holidays and I look forward to hitting the keyboard again, once the new year rolls around!



One Response to “The 12 Posts of Christmas (#12: Indeed Best Places to Work)”

  1. Ah, saved the best for last I see! 🙂 I’m very curious to know anyone’s thoughts about how there are 5 higher education institutions (4/5 being community colleges) in the top 20 for WA state. This is very interesting IMO. What might this be contributed to? In terms of financial compensation, I understand why UW would rank high but the community colleges? What are the pluses and perks that might be drawing people to these places?

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