The 12 Posts of Christmas (#2: Poachable)

Item #2: Poachable (

While most people breathe a deep sigh of relief once they land their next job, and don’t even think about positioning themselves for the next opportunity down the road, it’s not a bad idea for ambitious professionals to always keep a few lines trolling in the water these days — even when everything at their current job is 100% hunky-dory.

On top of this, it’s also no secret that many companies (and the recruiting firms they hire) go to great lengths to target “passive candidates” when they have a key strategic position to fill — seeking to identify and poach a suitable candidate directly from a corporate competitor.

In light of these dynamics, more and more sites are focusing on the facilitation of new avenues for employers and potential candidates to connect with one another.  One such site we noted with interest a few months back is called Poachable.  This site, as you’ll discover if you click on the link above, borrows a page from the online dating world and allows people to promote their credentials to employers, confidentially, even when they’re not seriously in the market for a new assignment.  As you’ll read on the site’s FAQ section, the folks at Poachable have put numerous processes in place to ensure a candidate’s privacy and anonymity, and should an employer express interest in your talents, you’d have complete control over whether (or not) to reveal your identity and pursue next steps.

The net/net?  While I haven’t had any clients report using the site, as of yet, and therefore can’t speak to how well it lives up to its claims, I think the idea behind Poachable is intriguing and that these kinds of tools are going to play a growing role in the marketplace in the years ahead.  Not only are these offerings capitalizing on the popular and familiar dating site concept, but as employers face the continued need to locate certain types of highly specialized candidates, they’re likely going to resort more and more to adding these alternative resources into their recruiting repertoire.

So whether you’re actively on the hunt or already employed in a comfortable capacity, you might consider giving Poachable a whirl just to see if “lightning strikes” and an employer expresses interest in YOUR qualifications — and wants to get further acquainted!


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