You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

Okay, if you’re sick of the topic I’ve been writing about for the last two days, feel free to skip this article with my blessings.  But seriously, I’m almost starting to think I’m on Candid Camera or something.  Or that a quasi-intelligent new life form has emerged, focused on polluting the world with spam but capable of learning, adapting, and evolving from its previous mistakes.

Unbelievably, check out yet another “guest post” solicitation I received today, which I’ve pasted in below.  And while I won’t repeat the same preachy observations I spouted in my last two articles, I’d challenge all of you out there, just for fun, to send in comments pointing out the numerous ways and reasons in which this latest e-mail — which at first blush appears legitimate — ultimately reveals itself as a phony.  Any thoughts?



Regarding myself, I am Matt Smith from Chicago, USA and a staff writer of AskForEducation.Com and I’m the regular reader of your blog. Just want to say about your articles are “Awesome”.

Anyway, I’m not here for selling my services but I would be interested to provide a guest post for your site exclusively. I have written well-researched articles for your blog and the titles are:

1.    The Top Jobs in US in Recent Times
2.    Best Engineering Careers to Pursue
3.    An Overview of Accounting Field in US
4.    Useful Info Looking Medical assisting online Schools

I as a professional blogger/writer hold dexterity of writing the conspicuous content hitting multiple niches, which include: education, entertainment, business, marketing, finance, management and others.

Nevertheless, I must underscore that education is my major area of proficiency, so I can certainly produce interest-enticing and reader focused snippets for you. In return, I would request you to provide us only 1 do follow back link from the article.

Some of my previous articles are:

Feel free to offer. Thank you.


Matt Smith

10 Responses to “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up…”

  1. The unnecessary use of quotation marks around the word awesome. The complete lack of sense in article proposal #4. What does “Useful Info Looking Medical assisting online Schools” actually mean?

  2. Andrea: Very kind of you to say so — and yes, because of the dynamics you so accurately point out, it’s become that much harder for a legitimate job hunter or business person to get their material read by hiring managers. So as stated, job hunters need to work really hard to customize their messages, making sure their materials aren’t so generic and formulaic that they’ll get lumped in instantly with the rest of this drivel — and fail to produce a response!

  3. Gayle: Yep, it didn’t take many words, did it, for this person to show their true colors…

  4. Michael: Ha ha — thanks for your kind words, I agree with your assessment, and love the wit of your final line…

  5. Jeff: Stay tuned and I’ll gin up some examples of “good communication” shortly — but in terms of this latest note, give it another close read, and you’ll not only spot about a dozen typos that make it highly unlikely this person is a legitimate professional writer/blogger — but you’ll also notice some of the statements it makes are just downright weird. Saying that he is “THE regular reader of my blog” and not “A regular reader of my blog?” Or that he’s from “Chicago, USA” as if we don’t know where Chicago is? And what in the world could “hold dexterity of writing conspicuous content” possibly even mean? C’mon, as a New Yorker you should be able to spot these tip-offs a mile away! 🙂

  6. The way this pitch was written I was surprised he didn’t ask you for money!

  7. Matt, your absolutely right. Whether a person is an active job seeker or working professional just looking to network, it’s imperative that correspondence be personnalized and relevant. However, it seems to me that the volume of email has gone up exponentially in the last year. While I am a marketer by trade, I think email marketing is out of control. We are constantly begining sold to as consumers and professionals. The cadence of mailings has gone from monthly to weekly to, now, daily for some organizations. No wonder we don’t have the time to respond to the appropriate emails let alone read them. Of course, everything I just said doesn’t apply to you 🙂 Your emails are always welcomed and valuable.

  8. The writer’s legitimacy went out the window on his third word. A good writer knows when to use ‘me’ vs.’ mysel’f.

  9. Matt,

    Appreciate your rants and willingness to share. Yes, I receive the same requests each week. The good news is that it is a sign you are getting found more online. The growing crowd that finds you certainly includes the under-educated, cons, predators, Internet marketers and “free lancers” who build links for a nickel. The more you are found, the more. Since I believe you have a special gift, I hope you are found by more people in need. Get ready for the rest.

    The next phase is when someone recognizes your awesome content and begins to “borrow” every post, put it on their own website blog and call it their own. The price of being great at what you do and being a celebrity. (Probably happening already)

    Appreciate your sharing!

    By the way, regarding myself… I am__________ 🙂

  10. Dear Matt, you have to send an example of a good communication. I read these “guest blog” notes to you and I would definitely have taken the bait. Am I getting naive in my senior years? As a New Yorker, my street smarts usually protect me from scams. Here, I am a babe in the blogging woods as I don’t smell a con job.

    Maybe it would help to know, what is the nefarious motivation behind someone offering to guest blog.

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