LinkedIn Tip: The Brand-New Profile Format

Okay, while I’ve been patiently waiting for my OWN profile to be “updated” before writing this article, I give up.  I’m going to write this piece anyway, since it’s the biggest thing happening on LinkedIn these days…

What I’m talking about, for those who haven’t heard, is the announcement that LinkedIn has given their customary profile look an “extreme makeover” and has been rolling out a brand-new profile format to a select number of users in recent months — with the plan being that this updated format will eventually become the standard for everybody on the system.

If you haven’t already heard about this development, or seen your own page already get transmogrified in this regard, here’s a link with the full rundown of what’s taking place:

Meet the New LinkedIn Profile

As you’ll read, we’re talking about a pretty radical modification here.  Several key highlights of the new profile layout include:

1. An entirely new page design that incorporates more white space, more photography, and some visual “icons” to better distinguish each section

2. Your Recommendations (if you have them) will be displayed directly under the jobs in which you acquired them, in addition to still showing up in a list at the end of your profile

3. You’ll see the logos of the companies where you’ve worked displayed in your “Experience” section, as long as that company has created a page in the LinkedIn system

4. Several new “infographic” tools have been added tothe right side of the page, allowing you visually see groups/connections you have in common with the person you’re reviewing

5. Your “recent activity” on the system will be displayed near the top of your profile, unless (it appears) you turn this feature off, as I have, in your LinkedIn “Settings” menu

The takeaway from all this?  Not much, really.  Most users won’t notice much of a difference in their usage of the system based on this cosmetic upgrade.  It looks like much more of a big deal than it really is, when you take the time to poke around and get familiar with it.  Some people will like the new look, and some stalwart traditionalists will hate it.  What hasn’t changed, however, is the key to a good profile — which, as always, involves working hard on the content you build into your page.  As I’ve stressed in many articles past, you want to ensure you’ve got all the right keywords contained in your profile somewhere and that you don’t overtly say something that will tip off your boss, if you’re looking for work confidentially.

Interestingly, someone posted a poll here on whether LinkedIn users actually LIKE the new profile format or not.  With 172 votes tallied so far, 78% percent of people seem to like the new profile approach, 16% do not, and 5% said they could pretty much care less, either way.  I personally fall in the former camp, myself.  At first I didn’t really care for the new look, but the more of these updated pages I come across, the more I’m starting to warm up to them.

Again, though, there’s no way you can “force” your profile to adopt the new look — and LinkedIn hasn’t published the timeline for getting everyone’s profiles updated to this new format.  All you can do, for now, is acknowledge your interest in switching to the new profile using the initial link I provided above.  At that point, it’s a waiting game.  And for whatever it’s worth, I myself asked to be upgraded to the new format a few months back, and as mentioned at this start of the article, my card still hasn’t been punched…

5 Responses to “LinkedIn Tip: The Brand-New Profile Format”

  1. Matt,
    I just went in and played around. I like it! Cleaner looking and related content is now grouped together. I made some updates to my own profile and it processed things quickly….. now waiting for the updated profile to be published. So far, I’m onboard with the changes they’re implementing.

  2. Matt, I was one of the lucky ones that received the Dec 11 change too. My biggest take-out, should have used the months waiting to organise a better photograph 😉

  3. Mine just got the new look today and I had my doubts,but I like it now that it’s changed!

  4. Matt, I too, requested the change back in October. Yesterday (Dec. 10) I got a message that I was being switched…but so far today (Dec. 11) it hasn’t happened. It will be interesting to see when it finally comes through. Thanks for your always helpful tips.

  5. Matt – I am with you all the way on this one. I am OK with the change despite being unsure at first. And…I opted to make the change back in October and have yet to be moved to the new profile. I also met the LI “Higher Education Evangelist” at a conference last week and he said to request the new profile to make it happen almost immediately. I also received notification yesterday that my profile would be changed today and it hasn’t (yet).

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