12 Career Articles for Your Reading Pleasure

Hi folks!  For those of you who regularly follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed that my article frequency has dropped off quite a bit in recent months.  While you’re probably assuming that I’m just slacking off due to the summer weather, that’s only part of the explanation.  And really just a small part, at that…

Instead, the quasi-neglect of my own blog is due to two other projects that are temporarily draining most of the juice from my writing batteries — namely, my ongoing commitment to author a career article for the Seattle Times, each week, as well as the exciting recent commission I’ve landed to write a chapter on “The 5 Competencies of Self-Promotion” for an upcoming leadership book.  More on that second project to follow.  But at any rate, as a result of the considerable time I’m currently devoting to these two activities, I haven’t been able to pen quite as many original articles as I’d like for my own little corner of the web.

In the meantime, however, for those of you who are craving further advice regarding the state of the Seattle job market,  I thought I’d go ahead and cross-promote the most recent series of articles I’ve written for the NWJobs section of the Seattle Times — since I suspect many of you haven’t necessarily followed all the information that site puts out on a regular basis.  And while I can’t reprint these articles in their entirety, I’ll provide you with a link to the last dozen pieces I’ve written for that portal, along with a quick synopsis that may help you decide whether it’s something that might (or might not) be worth your time to review.

So happy reading — and I look forward to being able to get more original content uploaded to my own blog, come September!

Is All Fair in Love, War & Job Hunting?
Discusses ethics and morality in the job search process — and some of the new challenges that have come up for job hunters and employers, as a result of how the market has changed

Finding Work is a Family Affair
Talks about the role one’s spouse and family members can play in helping you “stay sane” and implement a successful job hunt campaign

Job Search Creativity: Fabulous or Fatal?
Raises the question of whether too many people are playing it safe in their efforts to find a new opportunity, versus really trying to stand out from the crowd

Three Hall-of-Fame Examples of Job Search Creativity
Provides links and discussion around the three most innovative job search strategies I’ve ever seen utilized out in the job marketplace

Remedies for Interview Rambling
Given that many job hunters tend to get nervous in the heat of the hiring moment — and talk on, and on, and on — here are a few simple suggestions that might help people trim their answers down and make a more positive impression

Facing & Conquiring Relocation Realities
While looking for work outside of your home city is a temptation for many job seekers, and opens up quite a few new possibilities, it can be unusually difficult to pull off this kind of search in the current marketplace — so here are a few tips for how to increase your odds

Job Search Negotiating Leverage: Signs to Watch For
Reviews some of the common clues that are given off during the interview process about how much (or little) leverage one might have in terms of negotiating a better comp package

Upgrading Your Skills on a Shoestring Budget
Discusses a number of free and low-cost ways that unemployed professionals can upgrade their skill sets and marketability

Contact Info: New Rules for the Modern Job Market
Surprisingly, there are some new conventions when it comes to the contact information you provide at the top of your resume; do you know them all?

Interview Success: A Riddle to Ponder
In this article, I discuss the single most important thing that job hunters should be concentrating on in interviews

Job Seekers, High-Five Those Helping Hands!
This piece outlines my belief that most people aren’t taking NEARLY as much advantage of the people all around them who are willing to help during a period of career transition

Internships: Gateways to Career Success
While historically the province of less-experienced job hunters, the nature of internships has changed slightly, and in this piece I review some of the common situations when they are utilized by employers — and the legal rules surrounding them

Did this collection of articles whet your whistle at all?  If so, I’d invite you to click the link here to the NWJobs Career Center Blog where you read even farther back in the archives and explore some of the ideas that both myself and my fellow collaborators have explored over the years!

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