Blog Hiatus + Some Burning Questions While I’m Gone!

Greetings all — and while I’ve got tons of ideas stored up that I hope to find time to write about, someday soon, I’ll need to bid everybody a temporary “adios” as I’ll be heading out of town for vacation tomorrow down to Puerte Vallerta for a week.

For those of my readers who live in the Seattle area, you don’t really need to ask why.  The “5th wettest March on record” pretty much says it all!

So while my blog is going to be fairly quiet for the next few weeks as a result of these travel plans, I hope some positive developments take place for all of you while I’m gone — and for those of you data junkies like myself who desperately need a regular “fix” of good career information, I’ve got three helpful suggestions to pass along:

First, I’d encourage those who haven’t done so already to visit the NWJobs page of the Seattle Times, both to read my own weekly column in the paper, as well as enjoy some of the great contributions by my fellow writers Randy Woods, Natalie Singer, Michelle Goodman, and Paul Anderson. Together, we tackle a ton of career-related topics in our writings each month, and I’ve “preloaded” my own column with two new articles that will be coming out on Tuesday, 4/10 and Tuesday, 4/17.

Secondly, if you’ve never checked out my blogroll, which is the list of career blogs that I follow, myself, I’d encourage you to review some of these sources for some fresh ideas and inspiration.  You’ll find this list on the right side of my main blog page here if you just scroll down slightly.  There are some great thought leaders represented here, definitely worth a follow if you haven’t been checking them out already.  Just look for the “blogroll” title and you’ll know you’re in the right place.  And if you’re not already aware of this, most bloggers maintain a similar list of recommended blogs on their own site, which makes it really easy to find other sources of useful, pertinent information around any given subject!

And lastly, since I don’t believe all questions are created equal and that certain questions can play an ESSENTIAL part in helping people unlock their career potential — and identify the barriers/methods/issues that might be most impacting their employment prospects — I’m running a quick list of all the former articles I’ve posted in the “Burning Questions” category of my blog over the years. I think many of these articles are definitely worth a read (or a re-read) for many professionals going through the career transition process.

As always, if you read through the articles below, please feel free to post a comment beneath them if they spark any useful thoughts, ideas, or contrarian points of view…

Question #1: Do You Deserve a Great Job?
Question #2: Is Your Biggest Job Search Issue Clarity or Motivation?
Question #3: Are You Becoming More or Less Marketable During Your Job Search?
Question #4: When Was the Last Time You Really Impressed Yourself?
Question #5: What Do You Love, I Mean Really Love, About Business?
Question #6: Do You Know the Next Call You Need to Make?
Question #7: Do Great Resumes Exist — Or Just Great Candidates?
Question #8: How Responsible Are You For Your Current Career Situation?
Question #9: Should the Young Now Be Mentoring the Old?
Question #10:  What Has Job Hunting Taught You About Yourself?
Question #11: What Motivates You More, Fear or Hope?
Question #12: What If The Job Market Never Recovers?
Question #13: Would Your Job Search Impress An Outside Observer?

Thanks everybody — and I look forward to penning some new articles here in the blog when I get back from south of the border!

One Response to “Blog Hiatus + Some Burning Questions While I’m Gone!”

  1. Matt…

    Jeez!! What a weather wimp. I took a pool of some friends and the consensus is they would escape to Puerto Vallarta for a week ONLY if it was the “4th wettest March on record,” not the 5th.

    *s* have fun

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