Website Review: Visualize.Me

Anybody out there got a good eye for design, as well as for analysis?  If so, you might want to consider jumping into the growing field of infographics, since I see more and more signs that this occupation, which specializes in the visual representation of facts and data, is going to be a hot profession in the years to come!

On that note, I recently had a client alert me about an interesting new website called (currently in beta testing stage) that allows you to import your resume, or alternatively, your LinkedIn profile, and have your professional background and credentials transformed instantly into a flashy, colorful infographic!  It’s a pretty cool technology and if you visit the site, you can view several demos of peoples’ resumes who have done this — or you can feel free to click here if you want to see my own preliminary version, even though I haven’t taken the time to edit or fine-tune it in any way since the initial “raw” import from my LinkedIn profile.

Once you get your document uploaded, you can then edit each of the sections in detail, if needed, or select from a variety of display options and themes to give your info-resume the exact look desired.  There’s even a “dashboard’ feature where you can track how many people have viewed your on-line presentation, should you start spreading the word about it to people.  In order to unlock that feature, though, you have to steer at least five other people to and have them sign up — which is a pain — but you can at least see what’s possible, and what statistics would be tracked, if you click on the “dashboard’ button and peer behind the floating message box that comes up.

The usefulness of this new tool, and others like it, in a practical sense?  It’s hard to say right now.  While everybody agrees that there surely must be a “better mousetrap” out there we can all shift to one day, beyond the traditional paper resume, I’m not sure if these kinds of infographic resumes will catch on, whether video resumes will rule the day, whether LinkedIn profiles will become the de facto standard, or something else entirely will come along.  So for now, I’m showcasing this website more for the “coolness” factor than anything else, but it’s worth a look — and kind of fun to see what all of your experience looks like, once expert infographers have their way with it!

Let me know your thoughts, if you decide to check it out…

P.S.  Want to see some other infographic resumes, besides the ones created by this website?  Click here!


5 Responses to “Website Review: Visualize.Me”

  1. sheesh@jobseeker. It’s true that visualize is getting a lot of attention, and rather undeservedly – it’s kinda “clunky”, and doesn’t produce the best infographic. But it’s free. You get what you pay for.
    At, We’ve been designing infographic resumes that have the thumbs up from HR and are page-ready. Like a traditional resume rewrite, the process requires a phone call to really make the nuzume “pop”, so we include that for every client.
    Thanks for sharing the infographic resume buzz! We love seeing the popularity of infographics and are proud to bring resumes into the 21st century!

  2. Interesting to view, but not efficient, at least not yet. It took some time to decifer the legend for expertise level, for example. This may change as we all get used to viewing/creating this sort of resume. A question comes to mind: if I’m an employer comparing applicants and I want to have something in hand to remind myself about what I’ve read, what can I easily print out?

  3. OK, I bit. Couldn’t help it. Wanted to see the “up-and-coming-latest-and-greatest” way for a job seeker to spin and reinvent him/herself. Not sure if it’s because I watched the “visualize me” demo at 5:30 am after only 4 hrs. of sleep or that I’m just not a tech freak but I didn’t care for the infographic concept (for a resume at least). Too busy, too much information spinning around quickly, too . . . well . . . just too much for me.

    Now don’t get me wrong; I am NOT a huge fan of the traditional resume because so many are dull, boring, too lengthy, too wordy, and fluffed. And I am ALL ABOUT selling oneself in a creative way that gives a job seeker the “edge” above others but I just don’t find this approach appealing. Actually, what I envision is (fast forward 6 months to a year from now) HR generalists and hiring managers falling asleep in front of their computers after spending 6+ hours a day watching video after video of “resumes”. And if you slow the infographic resume down so everything can be adequately captured by the viewer, it probably drags the viewing process on even longer, which I don’t see as a way to prevent viewers from nodding off. Just prolongs the inevitable snores. And how would you do a “word filter” on this kind of resume? LOL!

    I’m not saying I don’t like the visuals because the claymation in particular is great! LOVE THAT! But claymation or animation for a resume? Nah. OK, I could see this really working for someone who was applying for a cinematography job or something where showing off the *type* of visual graphic presentations one can create is necessary but for mainstream positions where the focus is not on graphics or technology? Nope. I just don’t see it as the “next best thing” or “great new craze” in resume writing. Of course I’ve been wrong from time to time and I’m not above eating my words. Heck, how many times was Apple passed over? How many people laughed at Bill? Mr. Schultz certainly had plenty of naysayers so what do I know? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see . . .

  4. I’ll check it out — thanks for the tip!

  5. Great you’re interested in infographic resumes. Too bad you picked this one to feature, it’s not the choice of professionals. You’d be better served IMO to check out

    Here’s a sample

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