Best Smart Phone Apps for Job Hunting?

Well, my resistance finally crumbled.  While I tried my best to avoid joining the smart phone revolution, since I already spend so much time each day in front of a computer screen, I finally took the plunge this past weekend and picked up an iPhone 4 at my local Verizon dealer.  I decided that after writing so many blogs about “adapting to the times” and “keeping one’s skills up to date” I could no longer afford to sit up on my high horse, since it’s pretty clear by now that smart phone technology is not a passing fad.  It’s the way business and networking is increasingly being done out there.

Plus, all the cool kids are doing it.

What sealed the deal, too, was when I hiked up Bandera Mountain this past weekend (a nice trail out in Snoqualmie Pass) and found myself wishing I had a still camera, a video camera, a compass, and a map when I got to the top.  It struck me that rather than lug such stuff up the trail in a big backpack or a packtrain of mules, holy cow, I could just carry a smart phone on my hip and have access to all this stuff — and more — at the touch of a button!

So my apologies, everybody, for being so late to the party on this one.  But now that I’m armed with my new device, I plan on figuring out how to make the most of it in a very short period of time.  So for starters, I did some research on whether there are any job search “apps” out there (paid or otherwise) that are worth a darn — and that actually do something useful, versus just being a poor substitute for the desktop version of a given technology.

Here are some of the links I came up with, offering various thoughts on what apps night be most beneficial to professionals in transition:

20 Best iPhone Apps for Job Hunting (Online Certificate Programs)
Apps for Job Searching (
5 Free Job Search Apps for iPad (ILoveFreeSoftware)
Best Apps for Job Hunting (LinkedIn Answers Thread)
Best iPhone Apps for Finding a Job (

While I haven’t had time to evaluate each of the applications featured in the above articles, I’m hoping to kick all of their tires in the months to come and perhaps feature some of them here on my blog.  In the meantime, however, knowing that many of you out there (and most of the human race) is ahead of me in the smart phone game, let me turn the tables — and ask if any of YOU have any strong opinions on how useful (or not) smart phones are in the job hunting process?  Or recommendations of specific job search apps you can’t live without?


4 Responses to “Best Smart Phone Apps for Job Hunting?”

  1. Good stuff here, thanks! And btw, welcome to the wonders of “smart phones” (iPhone user and big fan here, and even have used it for my last job search)…

    One thing though, the link above to Vasilestoica’s Blog is broken.


  2. Matt, you are now officially hip! =)

    It’s crazy how good pictures taken outdoors can be. Now indoors is another subject.

    As far as an app for job searching goes, I haven’t used one so I look forward to additional comments about this!


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    […]Best Smart Phone Apps for Job Hunting? « Career Horizons: The Blog![…]…

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