LinkedIn Tip: Check the “Jobs” Page — Finally!

For the past several years, when advising clients on how to search for online job openings, I’ve startled a ton of them by proclaiming “The LinkedIn Jobs page is a terrific source of leads and one of the fastest-growing job boards in the world.  But don’t ever check it!”

I’d then clear up the puzzled look on their faces by explaining that while LinkedIn is a great job board in its own right, it’s no different than all of other major employment sites out there like, CareerBuilder, and so forth in the sense that there’s no need to check these sites directly — since, for the sake of efficiency, you’re much better off hunting for leads via the big “aggregator” job boards such as and  These mega-sites already pick up all of these same published leads, instantaneously.  So if you’re using these big boards on a daily basis, you’d just be duplicating effort by searching on a bunch of additional sites (e.g. LinkedIn), as well.

This all changed as of a month or two ago, however.  In running multiple job searches throughout the day, I started to notice that I never seemed to come across leads pulled from LinkedIn anymore.  At first I thought it was just a glitch, but after several months of observation and several rounds of spot-checking, I’ve come to the conclusion that LinkedIn must have had a falling-out with some of these other boards — and completely blocked them from accessing its leads.  Jobs posted on LinkedIn just don’t seem to show up on Indeed or SimplyHired anymore, period.

I even posted a question here on the LinkedIn Answers forum, asking if anybody knew why this was the case or what accounted for this sudden change in policy.  My inquiry, however, was met with the sound of howling coyotes.  Nobody replied, so I’m still mystified by the whole situation.  Nevertheless, I wanted to let everybody know (especially all of my past/present clients who I’ve specifically instructed NOT to check the LinkedIn Jobs page) about this development so that they can now add LinkedIn back into their daily job opening search strategy.

Will this change last?  Will the aggregators make up with LinkedIn and start carrying the site’s leads again, down the road?  I have no idea.  But for now, if you’re on the hunt for a new assignment, make sure you check the site’s Jobs page — since there are tons of good leads getting listed on there from employers, each and every day!



One Response to “LinkedIn Tip: Check the “Jobs” Page — Finally!”

  1. I don’t know about Linkedin blocking their ads from being pulled by other job boards, but I have noticed for quite some time now that if I search by keyword for jobs on Linkedin, I see postings that I never saw on any of the major job sites that I regularly search – meaning Simply Hired and Indeed. I gave up Monster and Career Builder long ago as not being very useful for the types of jobs I was seeking.

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