Do You Say “I Love You!” to Employers?

I’m speaking figuratively, of course.

Mainly, I wanted to remind people that it’s extremely important to say the words “I really want this job!” (or the equivalent) at the end of an interview to let the hiring manager know, in no uncertain terms, that you’re interested in the opportunity.  While you may think your interest in a given position is obvious, trust me, it’s not.  I’ve conducted many interviews where I honestly couldn’t tell whether the applicant was at all excited by the role at hand.  And this tiny bit of uncertainty can be a big strike against a candidate in a competitive marketplace.

Just recently, in fact, Nick Corcodilos of Ask the Headhunter fame posted a terrific article on this very topic, so let me refer you over to this article for a much more robust explanation of this interview step and why it’s so important:

For full effect, make sure to scroll down and read the series of 20+ comments posted at the end of the article.  As is often the case with blog articles, the dialogue that transpires in the “comments” section after the main posting is every bit as useful and instructive as the article itself!


2 Responses to “Do You Say “I Love You!” to Employers?”

  1. I like this article and I agree that it is very important to express your interest in the position you’ve applied for even when you think you aren’t sure it will be the best fit. I recommend making the interest known and then doing your homework before the offer is made. I made it a habit to send a follow up to every interview expressing my interest in the position along with appreciation for the time they took to get to know me. The position I now have was a big question mark for me. I really wasn’t sure it was a fit for me. Turns out – I enjoy the job I now have more than my previous job where I was laid off. Sometimes a step back helps you appreciate your abilities and experience which will help you prove yourself and demonstrate your skills, knowledge and initiative. The qualities and experience you have will prove your ability to your new employer and you will discover new advancement opportunities whereever you land. There’s no shame in taking a lesser position than you may have planned…the rewards will be there and you will feel the boost in finding your new niche. Change is good!

  2. great article by Nick. i took an interview, very successful. the recruiter made an offer. i said, “I would be very happy working at XYZ Company.” he said, “do you want the job?” i quickly replied, “yes, i want the job very much.” so even what was obvious to me as a positive response needed restatement to someone else.

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