Great Companies for Trees, Dogs

As anybody who’s ever been around me for five minutes knows, I’m of the firm belief that every job hunter should 1) Develop (and carry around) a list of 20-30 relevant target organizations they’re interested in pursuing and 2) Despite numerous protests, arguments, and rationalizations I’ve heard to the contrary, I don’t believe anybody is exempt from this guideline!

Simply put, target marketing works.  It works for every successful company in America and it can work for you, too, if you give it a try.  You just need to think deeply enough about your relevant criteria (e.g. industry, size, location, culture) and then conduct enough research to create your own appropriate list — one that ideally contains a fresh batch of small-to-mid-sized companies you’ve never heard of before, as opposed to a lazy rehash of the same “obvious” employers that everybody else is chasing, as well.

This being said, two recent resources have come to my attention that I suspect will appeal to a lot of you out there, since quite a few clients of mine have told me they’d LOVE to work for an organization that practices a high level of corporate responsibility — and engages in sustainable business practices.  One of these resources is Seattle Business Magazine’s recent list of “Green Washington 2010” winners.  If you click on the link above, you’ll find a series of articles that chronicle over 40 employers here in the state that have been judged, by the experts, to really “walk their talk” in terms of conducting business in an environmentally-friendly way.

On a related note, a contact of mine was also kind enough to alert me that the Washington State Department of Commerce publishes a similar list, available for free download, called The Washington State Energy Marketplace Directory.  This directory, which spans a whopping 188 pages in length, contains an exhaustive list of companies that relate in some way to energy efficiency, renewable energy, or sustainable product manufacturing.  If there truly is a green jobs revolution coming, than this document just might be the manifesto!

Hopefully these two resources will come in handy for those of you targeting companies with “green” characteristics.  And oh yeah, the dog thing I mentioned in the posting title?  Just to show you that there’s a directory out there for everything and that you can really narrow down your target list, when you put your  mind to it, animal lovers may want to click here to check out SimplyHired’s special job search engine for finding (of all things) dog-friendly employers!


One Response to “Great Companies for Trees, Dogs”

  1. Some other good resources for green companies:
    Northwest Environmental Business Council has a member directory that you can search by sector:
    Fluid Market Strategies in Portland has a long page of green job resources with links:
    Washington Clean Tech Alliance has a substantial member list that includes corporate, govt, non-profit organizations:

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