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Hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend — and given that I’ve written a lot of “deeper” posts lately about job search motivation, psychology, and the like, I wanted to lighten things up today with a more “tactical” post related to a new website or piece of technology that relates to the career world in some way.

The problem?  Aside from my recent late-to-the-party adventures joining Facebook, I honestly can’t think of a single new website I’ve come across in months that I feel represents a significant new tool the average job seeker needs to know about.  Unlike years past, when it seemed like dozens of revolutionary new web tools would pop up each month related to job hunting and the overall career scene, the “well” for these types of sites seems to have REALLY dried up recently.  Does anybody else feel the same way?  If so, what does this suggest?  Have we simply run out of new ideas on how to leverage technology for career success — or has the recession simply led to fewer companies venturing out into these congested waters?

Regardless of the rationale, let’s seize this opportunity to try something a little bit different.  Rather than having me force the issue and try to scare up some obscure new website nobody’s ever heard of before, just to compile a posting, let me open this question up to YOU, the audience, and ask whether any of you have stumbled across any great new Internet-based tools in recent memory that have truly made a difference in your search efforts.  Anybody have any nominees?

Again, these sites could come from virtually any category (e.g. job boards, online salary surveys, resume-building tools, networking sites, research tools, etc.) that relates in at least some tangential way to the topic of job hunting and career advancement.  Just drop me a line here telling me which career-related site(s) you’re finding most useful out there, beyond the obvious household-name ones, and include a paragraph on why this is the case.  And to avoid duplication with the 64 sites I’ve already reviewed in previous blog entries, I’d ask that before e-mailing me your suggestion, you pay a quick visit to the “Search” form on the right side of my main blog page — and quickly type in your suggested site’s name to verify that it hasn’t already been covered in one of my previous entries.

I’m really looking forward to your suggestions and the chance to see what I might have missed out there, technology-wise, related to the career universe.  And just to sweeten the pot a bit, I’ll throw in a $50 Tully’s gift certificate for the winning submission that arrives by next Monday, September 13th!


One Response to “Website Review: (Your Idea Here)”

  1. Having just discovered your blog, it would be helpful to have an easy way to discover which web tools you’ve already reviewed.

    One tool – or perhaps metatool – I recently discovered during a presentation by Mike Whitmore at the Eastside Networking Event last month – an interesting combination of technology jobs fair and wine tasting – is Web2Review, which was created by the local [Bellevue] firm Fresh Consulting (which Mike leads). Among a very large set of categories of web apps, there is a collection of 18 web tools for job searches.

    Also, while I imagine you have already reviewed the various blogging tools (e.g., Typepad, WordPress and Blogger) – which can provide a very effective channel for demonstrating your expertise – an oft-overlooked web tool is simply posting interesting and useful comments on others’ blogs. Many people think it’s sufficient to simply post things on their own blogs; to really use blogs effectively, it’s best to not just sit around waiting others to come visit you, but to go visit other interesting bloggers, and add to their conversations. While many Twitter users tweet links to interesting blog posts, I think that actually posting a comment adds a level of depth to the conversation (beyond the 140 character limit).

    A whole new category of tools such as Disqus and Intense Debate are great blog comment aggregators, so that you can add another aspect to your online identity (and demonstrate your interestingness and/or usefulness) simply by posting comments. Without making any claims about how interesting or useful my comments are actually perceived by others, I’ll offer as examples my Disqus profile and my Intense Debate profile. Widgets showing recent comments can also be embedded back on your own blog (and again, without making any claims about the interestingness or usefulness, I’ll offer the example of my Typepad blog which has a collection of such widgets along the right column, below my Twitter and Posterous widgets).

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