Introversion: 3 Cool Perspectives

I know, I know.  It seems like introverts get all the attention these days, and have all the articles written about them, whereas extroverts are thrown to the wolves — and just assumed to be magically comfortable and effective in every possible social situation!  Still, I happened to run across these three great articles recently that all shared the common theme of introversion, so I couldn’t resist passing them along for those who might be interested.  Just another example of the wonderful diversity of opinions and advice people can tap into these days via the blogosphere…

1) So Really?  How Many Introverts Are There?

Author: Lee Ann Lambert

This first article, available here, discusses the percentage of Americans who are introverted and explores whether such statistics can even realistically be measured, given the author’s claim that there are “closet introverts” and such who might not be counted in the total.  Given that Lee Ann’s entire blog (called Living Introverted: Embracing & Enjoying the Introverted Life) is devoted to the subject, too, some of you might want to follow it on a regular basis to either a) better understand your own tendencies or b) gain an empathic sense of how the other half (or third, or quartile…) lives!

2) Top 5 Things Every Extrovert Should Know About Introverts

Author: Brian Kim

This next piece, available here, centers around (as the title implies) a list of common myths and misconceptions about introverted people — particularly as perceived from the standpoint of extroverts.  It makes some great points about introversion often being confused incorrectly with shyness, people perceiving the silence of introverts as arrogance, and the like, all of which I can personally attest (as an introvert) to being on target.  It’s a great post!

3) 10 Networking Tricks for Introverts

Author: Karen Burns

This last posting, which you’ll find here, is from our good friend Karen Burns, author of The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl.  While we’ve seen dozens of different articles over the years offering advice on how introverts can network more effectively, and have even written a few, ourselves, Karen has (once again) pulled some rabbits out of the hat and offered up some fresh ideas/suggestions we’ve never seen before!  I particularly love tip #4, where Karen points out a clear advantage of introversion that had never previously crossed my mind, but makes all the sense in the world.


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