NSHMBA Microsoft Recruiting Event: November 9th

Ever been interested in exploring a career path at Microsoft?  If so, I’ve got good news!  Our friends over at NSHMBA (the National Society of Hispanic MBAs) have alerted us that they’re going to be hosting a special “Professional Development & Recruiting” event at Microsoft from 6-9pm on November 9th — and that this event is open to all comers, not just members of the NSHMBA organization.

Following a quick review of the event details, which you’ll find here, it appears that quite a few Microsoft executives and recruiters will be on hand to chat with folks about the various opportunities available at the company — which is still continuing to hire in multiple areas, despite the staffing cuts experienced in some areas lately.  Registration for the event is required, however, so if you decide you’d like to attend, make sure to visit the website above and let them know you’re coming.

Since it looks like the event will be co-hosted by a number of other diversity-focused groups in the area, as well, I’m going to go ahead and list these other groups below, too, in case any of you would like to become more involved with them on a regular basis.

•  NSHMBA Seattle (National Society of Hispanic MBAs)
•  ALPFA Seattle (Assoc. of Latino Prof. in Finance & Accounting)
•  SHPE-PSC (Soc. of Hispanic Prof. Engineers, Puget Sound Chapter)
•  PWOCN (Professional Women of Color Network)
•  KCHCC (King County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce)
•  AWSHCC (Association of WA State Hispanic Chambers of Commerce)
•  NBMBAA Seattle/Portland (National Black MBA Association)

Hope this event proves productive for those who choose to make an appearance, and if you need any further information about the groups outlined above, I’m sure a quick Google (or Bing) search will turn up the appropriate websites!


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