PSBJ “Business of Philanthropy” Special Report

As usual, the Puget Sound Business Journal continues to crank out the MOST USEFUL information money can buy (in my humble and biased opinion) in terms of the local business scene and events affecting the marketplace here in the Seattle/Bellevue/Tacoma region — as well as the State of Washington, as a whole.

For those who don’t track the paper on a regular basis, however, I wanted to call special attention to the latest installment of their “Business of Philanthropy” report, which is perhaps the single most useful published resource for folks interested in the local non-profit industry.  This special 35-page supplement, if you’ve never seen it, contains an abundance of articles on topics like non-profit executive pay, the use of mobile technology for non-profit causes, the impact of the recession on non-profit funding, and the like.  It also contains an invaluable list of the Top 25 Foundations in Puget Sound and the Top 50 Non-Profit Organizations in Puget Sound.  Heck, even the advertisements in this publication are valuable, since they give you clues as to which local companies believe in the concept of “corporate citizenship” and might be a great fit for somebody to whom such values are important!

This report was published in the PSBJ’s 9/25 issue, so you have a few days left to grab it off the newsstand before the next issue comes out.  If you miss it, however, you can either track down a back issue at the library or contact the Business Journal here to obtain one.  And if this kind of news content seems like it would be useful to your search efforts, going forward, we’d highly recommend you consider subscribing to the PSBJ on an ongoing basis.  If you’re interested in doing this, contact our buddy Elizabeth Case in the circulation department here — she’ll hook you up!


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