Book Review: Bye Bye Boring Bio (Nancy Juetten)

If you’re feeling a little blah about your career or your business, and a can of Red Bull isn’t available, I’ve got a suggestion for you: call Nancy Juetten, author of the Main Street Media Savvy blog!

Nancy is a local publicist and marketing expert who I recently had the opportunity to meet, and it would be hard to imagine coming across anybody who is more passionate about the publicity field — or about helping individuals tell their story and gain visibility for themselves out in the marketplace.  What I also love about her is her willingness to empower people to do these things largely for themselves, drawing upon her line of DIY (Do It Yourself) Publicity workshops and resources.  In fact, her website is a treasure trove of useful links, suggestions, and buzz-building ideas that I’d encourage everybody (especially small business owners who are marketing-challenged) to check out!

In particular, however, I wanted to sing the praises of a new e-book that Nancy has published (available here as a review copy for $39) called “Bye Bye Boring Bio Action Guide.”  As the title implies, this book is designed to help people rise above mediocrity in their copywriting efforts and craft an extremely compelling, attention-getting biography for themselves.  Trust me people, this book is good.  Unlike some books that just skim the surface of a subject, or take a single lukewarm insight and milk it for 100 pages, Nancy goes into incredible depth in terms of the steps involved to put a great bio together — and backs her advice up with example after example after example in way that really brings her suggestions to life.  Got a big speech to give tomorrow?  She even has several “fill in the blanks” templates contained in the book to make it easy for people to whip out killer copy about themselves, on the fly.

Beyond the main focus of bio-creation, B.B.B.B.A.G. also includes some useful advice about other publicity-related topics like how to arrange to get a great mugshot taken for yourself, how to diplomatically solicit testimonials from other people, and how to create powerful Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking profiles.  So again, it’s one heck of a resource, and I assure you she’s even got me (who professes to know a thing or two about this stuff) thinking hard about taking another crack at my own bio and website copy.  I don’t want to show up in her next book as a “bad example”, after all…

3 Responses to “Book Review: Bye Bye Boring Bio (Nancy Juetten)”

  1. Matt, this is an outstanding review, as a student of Nancy’s I will definitely concur that she consistently exceeds all expectations in her material.


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