Website Review:

Interested in comparing your resume against those of your peers/competitors?  Or finding a sheet of helpful tips for introverted job seekers?  Or reading through a “career change checklist” to help plot your course to a new occupation?  If so, there’s a great new website called PDFDig that I’d recommend you get acquainted with!

This website was just brought to my attention the other day by a good samaritan who added a comment about the resource to one of my blog postings from long, long ago.  And after playing around with the site for just a few days, I’m hooked!  The concept is an incredibly simple one.  Almost deceptively so, in fact, since all the PDFDig site appears to do is scour the Web for PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files on every topic under the sun and then collect them all in one place for easy searchability.  It’s basically like a “Google” for PDF files — and while you can search Google exclusively for PDF files, as well, it requires a few extra steps.  So for now, I’d recommend the PDFDig site for this purpose, which makes the process even more simple and streamlined.

So pay the site a visit and just start searching away on topics that interest you.  You’ll be amazed at what you find out there among the millions of Acrobat files stored in cyberspace.  In addition to the subjects I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I’ve turned up some great documents on how to write a business plan, how to negotiate a raise with your boss, how to get a job in grantwriting, how to determine the right rates to charge as a freelancer, how to find work in France, and so on, and so forth.

The sky’s truly the limit in terms of the resources you might uncover, and while there are no guarantees in terms of the quality of what you turn up, many of the resources look extremely credible and professional.  The sheer depth of written work the site catalogues, in fact, reminds me of the old saying “If an infinite number of monkeys were to start banging away on an infinite number of typewriters, they’d eventually rewrite the complete works of Shakespeare…”


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