Website Review:

Interested in working for an Internet startup?  Want to know as much as you can about it before taking the plunge?  If so, TradeVibes is the latest in the wave of “full transparency” websites that seek to pull together a rich mix of both objective and subjective data to help job seekers (and others) research various organizations.

For example, on the objective data front, you can use TradeVibes’ advanced search screen to pull up detailed information on over 285 startup companies in Washington State.  The data available includes standard stuff like web address, location, phone numbers, and such, but also some pretty impressive info in terms of each company’s executive team, board of directors, funding status (e.g. Series A, Series B, Series C…) and the like.  I’ve never before seen this information compiled all in one place on so many companies, so the site gets a huge thumbs-up from me for this reason alone!

TradeVibes doesn’t stop there, however.  As you click on each company listing, you can discover whether the majority of site visitors are “bullish” or “bearish” regarding the organization’s future.  While such rating systems are far from an exact science, this information is still extremely useful if one is considering rolling the dice with a startup firm, especially since you can read many further details in the ongoing discussion threads that are tracked regarding each company.

So long story short, if you’re a job hunter or career professional interested in working within the Internet/Web sector, this site is definitely one to watch!  They’ve already gathered an impressive array of data on a staggering amount of start-up firms, so as soon as this site really catches on, the “subjective” aspect is likely going to get more and more valuable, over time.  Check it out…


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