The Top 25 Recession-Proof Jobs (According to

In a time when many people are considering some form of career change, in order to pursue a line of work that they feel might offer increased stability or satisfaction, we thought it would be helpful to share this recent “Top 25 Recession Proof Jobs” list that was published by leading employment website This list can be reviewed by clicking here and appears to be a well-researched resource that not only shows the current rank of various occupations, in terms of stability during recessionary times, but also includes their previous month’s ranking (a useful statistic) and the median salary level for each career path.

Among this mix, you’ll find Sales and Business Development jobs leading the charge, along with a combination of careers in accounting, technology, healthcare, and education. All in all, the occupations featured seem consistent with our own observations about the relative demand for various types of workers these days — with the one exception being the claim that Seattle is still a hotbed of activity in the “retail banking” sector. Given the recent news that has impacted Washington Mutual, we suspect this particular data point would change a bit if the survey were conducted in recent weeks…

Ultimately, too, we’d emphasize that these kinds of lists are not only just interesting curiosities, but also underscore the fact that we all still have the power to make smart strategic choices about our employment futures — and to act on the kind of data that this Jobfox list represents. While granted, certain professions (like Electrical Engineer) require a larger degree of additional schooling than most people would consider at a mid-point in their working lives, many other paths are well within the reach of people who are willing to make a short-term sacrifice in order to set their careers on course for long-term improvement. Intelligent “careering” is going to rely more and more on people thinking ahead and using this kind of data to stay relevant and employable in a changing world, so this Jobfox list is a good start for engaging in some what-if brainstorming!


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