Website Review: VocationVacations

Have you ever wondered what it would be to like to be a professional wine taster?  Golf pro?  Zookeeper? Wedding planner?  If so, there may finally be a way for your to “try out” these eclectic careers (and many others) without having to take the full entrepreneurial plunge or invest in years of schooling  — all thanks to a Portland-based company called Vocation Vacations.

While the specific arrangements and pricing for each “occupation vacation package” offered by this company vary, the concept involved is fairly simple.  For a set fee, Vocation Vacations will arrange a short-term apprenticeship role with a company in your field of interest.  Through this experience, you’ll get to observe working professionals in action, lend a hand, receive invaluable mentoring, and gain direct insight into whether the profession in question might be an appropriate fit for your interests.  It’s an entirely new approach to the idea of occupational exploration, and while the fees aren’t anything to sneeze at (they range from $399 to $1,500+), we’ve never seen anything else quite like it and suggest that you take a look at the site at just to know about the option.


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