Website Review: Google Alerts

For those who haven’t yet checked out Google’s new “alert” service, available here, the company continues to demonstrate an uncanny knack for building easy-to-use web tools that are of substantial practical benefit to both employed professionals and job seekers alike!

This new Google feature is incredibly simple and allows you to receive automatic e-mails any time a certain keyword or phrase of interest to you is mentioned somewhere out in cyberspace.  Really, it’s that simple, and while they could have complicated this service by adding layers of input screens and all kinds of archaic filtering options — they resisted the urge, which is admirable.  All you have to do is visit the Alerts page, type in your target keyword/phrase, wait while the system verifies your new “alert” status via e-mail, and that’s it.  You’re all set.  You can just sit back and read whatever notices come in related to the keywords you’ve identified, canceling the service at any time you wish.

So why is this site featured in a newsletter focused on job hunting?  We’re glad you asked!  Our suggestion is that any active job seeker create alerts for all of the top target companies they’re pursuing in their search so that they can keep tabs on the latest/greatest news about these organizations — including news that might signal some fresh hiring activity.  Additionally, job seekers might create alerts for specific subject matter areas that are highly relevant to their careers, such as “sarbanes-oxley” or “international trade” or “corporate wellness” or “real estate staging.”  All in all, the site offers an infinite number of possibilities for helping busy people harvest useful information…


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