Philosophy Majors, Tired of Tending Bar?

There’s no question that some college degrees come with a built-in future, like pre-law or architecture, while many other undergraduate fields of study (especially liberal arts degrees) are fuzzier in scope and tougher to translate into distinct employment paths out in the business world.  Often, in fact, those who major in these areas aren’t even thinking about future career realities.  They are making their choice strictly based on a personal interest in the subject matter, which puts them at risk of experiencing a huge wake-up call when it comes time to go out to the job market and market their studies into a meaningful, salaried position.  Trust those of us with Communication degrees; we’ve been there ourselves!

Thankfully, however, Catawba College has put together a great web page that can help people determine exactly “what they can do” with a specific degree they’ve obtained.  Available here for review, you’ll find a wealth of information about all kinds of different majors, ranging from Accounting to Theater, and can read up about the typical job titles that these graduates often end up pursuing.  Each page also comes with great suggestions for how new graduates can increase their career visibility and effectively get their foot in the door with the right employers.

So whether you’re a current undergraduate student yourself, or have children of college age in need of guidance, we’d encourage you to review this site for inspiration.  Similar lists may be available through other universities, we’re aware, but in our opinion Purdue has done a bang-up job in helping people understand what their education has prepared them for out in the real world!


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