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Now here’s a career site that’s a bit off the beaten path.  As opposed to the dozens of websites we’ve profiled in this newsletter focused on helping people uncover run-of-the-mill job leads, here’s a site that’s devoted entirely to offering people deep, accurate information on a wide variety of the quote/unquote “fab” (short for fabulous, we assume?) jobs and careers that exist in today’s workplace.  The site provides information (some free, some in book form or downloadable for a fee) on careers ranging from Actor to Motivational Speaker to Yoga Instructor, and even includes a few special categories like “Getting Your Child in TV Commercials” and “Getting a Job on a Cruise Ship.”

All in all, it’s a pretty intriguing concept, and in the event you’re considering the possibility of changing careers into one of these fields we’d imagine this site could be a pretty handy resource.  In fact, we’re somewhat surprised we haven’t heard of it until now, considering they claim to have been featured on Oprah and that they apparently belong to the popular family of “As Seen On TV” products — complete with that infamous red logo and all!   Check out this site and let us know what you think…


One Response to “Website Review:”

  1. Thanks for the nice review. Possibly you hadn’t heard of FabJob before because it is off the beaten path. People don’t usually find it unless they’re looking for information on a specific topic such as, for example, how to become a wedding planner or how to become a professional organizer, etc. Sometimes people hear about it in the media (e.g. the article on the home page of Microsoft’s MSN site yesterday). But it’s been around almost 10 years. If you do a Google search for “” you’ll find 58,900 websites reference, including Wikipedia also has a page about FabJob. Thanks again for the nice comments. Lisa

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