Website Review: Copernic Desktop Search

Thanks to a great tip I received from an executive recruiting ally of mine, Eric Radman of Summit Executive Recruiters, I’m going to feature a “PC utility” website this month instead of one related to more traditional career and employment pursuits.  Lest one think I’m drifting off topic, however, I assure you that I’ll find a way to connect this tool with the job hunting process…

Copernic Desktop Search (available for free by clicking here) is a great new software tool that allows you to index virtually every single file on your hard drive — ranging from Word documents to photographs to music files to e-mail entries — and then search the entire contents of these files (not just the file names) almost instantaneously, at the push of a button.  Now granted, I can hear my technology clients grumbling that this type of application has been around for years.  In fact, I was one of the early adopters of a similar tool called “Google Desktop” which I featured in a newsletter several years ago.  In all honesty, however, I uninstalled that program from my system after just a few short months, both because of how slow it made my computer but also because the interface was nowhere near as user-friendly of what I’ve witnessed with the Copernic product.  Additionally, it’s safe to say that my need for this kind of tool has increased substantially these past few years, as well, due to the fact that an even greater chunk of my daily life (can anybody relate?) is centered around cyberspace and a computer console.

So this being said, the Copernic tool is definitely worth praising for its all-around usefulness alone.  In terms of how it specifically might relate to your career and job search activities, however, I’d offer a couple of observations.  For starters, one problem that it has solved for me is that it has allowed me to scan the thousands of resumes stored on my hard drive to see if any of my former or current clients have worked for a certain organization.  For example, ask me whether I know anybody who has worked for Blabbity-Blab Software and within 10 seconds I can answer your question — without spending thousands of dollars on a professional resume scanning and candidate management system.  And from the standpoint of the candidate actively in search mode, I would think the software would have similar applications, as well.  If you’ve sent out hundreds of resumes, cover letters, and e-mail applications over the past few months, and suddenly get a call from a potential employer, you can have all of the relevant information pulled up at your fingertips within just a few seconds using the handy Copernic interface.


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