Pain Relief in the Job Market: Part 2

Recently, we featured an article discussing the importance of offering “pain relief” to employers and selling them on how your skills, talents, and experience would allow you to provide specialized solutions to their needs — and to conquer the problems/challenges that appear to be keeping the company and its hiring managers up at night.

In response to this article, we got a great response from a consultant we know who has been having a lot of success using this exact technique.  With his permission, we’re publishing his comments below, since we feel they add a lot of context and depth to the discussion:

“Matt – your article on pain relief is right on the mark.  My consulting practice has been steady and growing SPECIFICALLY by getting the inside scoop on existing and latent problems within my target customer organizations and proposing no pain, cost-effective solutions that are straightforward to do on contract but which would be yet another burden on the already overloaded staff if done internally.  The results are amazing.  The key, I have found, is getting inside the organization, literally and figuratively.  When on-site, I find that all one has to do is listen carefully.  People are more than willing to talk about their problems . . . and these are the opportunities for me.  When I can’t get on-site, I use my network contacts to get the inside view and go from there.  In every case, the challenge is to understand the issues with enough clarity and context that the proposal is exactly on-target and the value is seen as intuitively obvious.  Thanks for all of the useful articles and info in your newsletter!”

The author in question? Pete Frickland, a consultant who specializes in helping mid-size companies develop successful consumer products, streamline their internal product development processes, and optimize the value of their product development portfolios.  Pete can be reached at if you have any interest in responding to his thoughts above — or in the event you know of any contacts/companies who might benefit from his expertise!  Thanks, Pete.


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