Indeed vs. SimplyHired: Clash of the Job Board Titans

Despite holding up as the “king of the job websites” for many years now, we can’t help but notice that SimplyHired has been making up tons of ground on the category leader as of late.  The functionality, features, and interface offered by both sites have now become so incredibly identical, in fact, that it almost seems like a single company has to be behind the operation of the two sites — although to the best of our knowledge, there’s no business relationship between them whatsoever.
At any rate, after spending some quality time reviewing the capabilities of these two leading job lead “aggregator” sites, we’d offer this quick-and-dirty analysis of the differences between them:

Advantages of

— Still has more jobs than SimplyHired, but perhaps due to more redundancy and duplication?
— Lets you permanently “block” jobs from a specific company or companies you’re not interested in
— Allows you to graph data in its “Trends” area in terms of both absolute & relative growth/decline

Advantages of

— Lets you “refine a search” easily by adding an additional keyword after running the initial results
— Has a colorful “Employment Trends” feature that offers more impressive graphing capabilities
— Contains fewer jobs than Indeed, but perhaps of higher quality, with less duplication?
— Integrates search results directly with so you can see if you have relevant contacts
— Offers more filtering options than Indeed, including the ability to limit results by estimated Company Size, Company Revenues, and (if you can believe it) by companies that are reported to be Dog-Friendly, GLBT-Friendly, or to practice Social Responsibility on a regular basis in their business operations!

So all in all, if you take all of the above factors and features into consideration, one could easily claim that has indeed usurped as the top employment site out there — UNLESS Indeed truly does offer a superior quantity of relevant job listings in its database, which would be a powerful trump card to overcome.  After all, isn’t access to a high volume of quality job leads the most important “feature” of this type of site, despite all the bells and whistles?

Help me break the tie!  Are there any of you out there who have been using both of these sites on a regular basis, and if so, what has been YOUR experience in terms of the relative usefulness and accuracy of each resource?  Do you have a hands-down favorite, one way or another, based on your experience searching for and responding to various opportunities?


4 Responses to “Indeed vs. SimplyHired: Clash of the Job Board Titans”

  1. Has anyone compared Simply Hired’s job-o-matic vs. Indeed job site plug-in for their own website?

  2. John: Great comments — thanks for sharing — and I agree, as much as we can’t complain TOO loudly about the functionality of free websites like and, they do suffer from a few little quirks that can be annoying. I’ve had problems with Simplyhired alerts from time to time, as well, and one definitely still has to weed through some duplication of listings that it seems these sites could probably filter out of the mix if they really wanted. Still, they’re definitely the #1 and #2 resources for finding published leads out there, and used properly shouldn’t consume too much time out of a serious job seeker’s day — leaving plenty of time for networking the other more “value-added’ activities. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts…

  3. Like Career Horizons, have been utilizing Indeed for a number of years, but SimplyHired for only 6 months. They are virtually identical per the article “Clash of the Job Board Titans”. Indeed recently (within the last year – probably due a lack of actual jobs) changed to include numerous duplicates and daily repetitions as “new” when they are not (to appear larger than life/ compete with SimplyHired?)…However, common sense and memory allows you to weed them out as such …..remember it is a free site. Indeed is very user friendly and produces almost immediate response to changes in email alerts and searches.

    SimplyHired is fussier and not as user friendly with numerous duplications as well. With out a lot of effort searches include jobs not even remotely near the key word(s) or within the industry being searched (again to appear larger than life/compete with Indeed??). The single biggest difference is not the number of jobs but in the email alerts of job searches. Indeed sends daily alerts of jobs posted that day (if so set up) just as the alert status states. Currently, SimplyHired’s daily alerts are for jobs postings 4 – 5 days old, although sent daily, despite numerous attempts to find out why from directly contacting SimplyHired. (I am certain they will fix it.)

    In this market, for those people looking for a job, even 1 or 2 days could be the difference between actually being seen and getting buried with hundreds or thousands of other responses. However, as repeatedly reported by Career Horizons, if you are only applying through internet job sites (like Indeed, SimplyHired, Monster) you are simply missing the boat. You are limiting yourself to an application method whose success rate (hires as reported by company recruiters….the ones who actually have the jobs) is somewhere between 2 – 8% (depending on where and who you get the data from and I think it is at the lower end). Network! Network! Network! The best use for Indeed and/or SimplyHired is to find out who is looking and use your network to figure out who you know (or who they might know) within that company to get directly in front of a company recruiter or hiring manager.


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