Book Review: The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell)

Yes, yes, I know.  It seems rather uninspired to review/promote a book that’s now been out on the market for over four years, but hear me out.  After slogging through a half-dozen or so mediocre business and career books this month, I was desperate to read something of substance, so I picked up and decided to go back through one of my favorite all-time books, The Tipping Point.  And after reading the entire work for the second time, in a single sitting, I was convinced this title was ready for an encore — both due to the fascinating insights it provides about consumer marketing, as well as the fact that it contains one of the most insightful discussions of networking theory ever written.  Additionally, having recently mentioned it to a number of clients and received a blank stare in return, I felt that perhaps there were a number of people on this readership list who might enjoy discovering it for the first time.

So those of you out there who haven’t yet read it, fix this problem.  Go out, buy a copy, and immerse yourself in the author’s relationship-theory concepts such as “mavens” and “connectors” so that we can discuss this critical part of your career success using the shared Gladwellian vocabulary.  And for those of you like me who have already read it, consider following in my footsteps and going back through it again.  It’s one of those rare works that pays fresh dividends each time you read it, and if it’s been a few years, you might be surprised at some of the new ways in which you interpret the material presented — as well as by the examples you’ll think of in your own life where these dynamics have played out!


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